Mad Manatee IPA by Bold City Brewery

Bold City Brewery, located in Jacksonville, Florida, was one of the first breweries to set up shop in this Northeast Florida city.

Most say Bold City’s brews are mild, and my opinion of their Mad Manatee IPA (available in a 22oz bomber) doesn’t stray too far from that conclusion. At 7% abv and reddish-amber in color, the Mad Manatee IPA is hoppy, however I felt it lacked flavor to circumvent the hoppiness (I think there may be something wrong with Jacksonville’s water supply; I had a similar experience with Intuition Ale Works I-10 IPA and that was on tap!) Though this Mad Manatee was from the bottle and often times in this capacity a beer doesn’t quite reach its full potential, still a brew needs to be outstanding no matter how it is sampled. Fortunately I’m local to Jacksonville, so I have had opportunities to visit the brewery and sample it from draft – always the best bet for any brew.

Regardless of where it misses, Mad Manatee, like any middle of the road IPA, is pretty drinkable.


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Jeffrey Lewis

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