Magic Can? Magic Hat’s #9 Going Aluminum

Just saw this on the Magic Hat Facebook page. Kind of exciting. #9 in a can?! I hope this isn’t an early April Fools prank.

As you know I’ve posted about Magic Hat’s #9 before, and I’ve been a loyal fan of the tonic ever since my first quaff. In fact, I find all of Magic Hat’s brews to be pretty tasty. (I recently enjoyed their spring mix 12-pack)

First, Sierra Nevada made the announcement it would be putting its flagship Pale Ale into a can, and now Magic Hat maybe following suit? Via aluminum, #9 will be able to go so many more places its bottled version couldn’t – beaches, hikes, tailgate parties, funerals, PTA meetings.

For now all we have to go on is this photographic evidence – wait, isn’t that what they call an “open & shut” case?

image property of Magic Hat Brewing Company


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Jeffrey Lewis

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