Sam Calagione Responds to Big Beer Bust via Facebook

Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head, has taken to Facebook for a statement of sorts regarding the issue of Big Beer forcing Discovery Network to cancel Brew Masters:

From Sam:
“A number of folks have been reaching out to me today about this twitter stuff. I’d rather focus on positive stuff than negative at this point. So this is what I will say: No comment. Other than I’m a big “No Reservations” fan. And now more than ever – support your small, truly-indie breweries! Last night I had Two Prima Pils, and an Aprihop. Today I had cask-conditioned Thyme Pale Ale, Baladin Nora, Birra Del Borgo ReAle, and am enjoying an Indian Brown Ale as I type this. Focused on the goodness inside the bottle instead of the weirdness outside the bottle.

His words are so tactfully put. Its nice to know that in the craft beer world you can still get a response from the face of a company.

Cheers to you Sam!


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