Fire Rock Pale Ale by Kona Brewing

This brew is brisk and restorative; much like a day in the waves at Hanalei Bay Beach on Kauai or maybe even Lanikai Beach on Oahu.

Fire Rock Pale Ale is a classic pale ale with – according to the brewers – “Hawaiian Style;”(whatever that means!) Brewed by the Kona Brewing Company, this ale is light-copper in color and features a nice pale head – which lasted for a good while.

Fire Rock is a very sessionable beer as it just under 6% abv. Hops used include Cascade, Galena & Mt. Hood – the latter two give the beer a nice floral, citrusy aroma found in many American pale ales. Though unlike many pale ales I’ve previously sampled I found this version to be a little more bitter; a plus in the Hoptions book!

In addition to being an all around ale, this beer will make you yearn for a trip to the Hawaiian islands.


Published by

Jeffrey Lewis

Dad x 4️⃣, Visual Designer #UI #Brand @impulsecreative, Communication Design via @csumb

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