Top 10 Craft Brewers of 2010

The Brewers Association has released their list of the top 50 brewing companies and, more importantly, the top 50 craft brewing companies for 2010, based on sales volume.

All the beer blogs, Brookston, Beer & Whiskey Bros and countless others had beergasms and published the lists as soon as possible. In fact, Adam over at Beernews even shot a little prematurely and came out with his own “fairly accurate” list of the top 50 producers – which seemed a little contrived.

Hootenanny aside, I feel like the top 50 is a bit much. There isn’t 50 medals in individual Olympic events, American Idol doesn’t narrow down to the top 50, and the one place you might expect to find everybody getting a pat on the back, little league baseball, sure doesn’t hand out 50 trophies.

Lets cut it off at 10. So, here for the first time in all of beer blogdom, I give you only the Top 10 Craft Brewers of 2010 based on sales volume.

 Rank Brewing Company City State
1 Boston Beer Co. Boston MA
2 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico CA
3 New Belgium Brewing Co. Fort Collins CO
4 Spoetzl Brewery* Shiner TX
5 Deschutes Brewery Bend OR
6 Independent Brewers United  (IBU)* Burlington VT
7 Matt Brewing Co. Utica NY
8 Bell’s Brewery, Inc. Galesburg MI
9 Harpoon Brewery Boston MA
10 Boulevard Brewing Co. Kansas City MO

So where are all the cool breweries? The ones who do things a little different? Well aside from Sierra Nevada, Dogfish took the 11th spot, Stone: 14th, Rogue: 25th, and Oskar Blues made it on the list at 36th. So maybe these aren’t your favorites, but then again this blog isn’t about you, now is it!?


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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Craft Brewers of 2010”

  1. We all had “beergasms?” Please, it was news. What should we have done; sat on on it for a few days until … well, until when? When do you think would have been the right time after a press release to report the news? The next day? A week? It was news. We reported it. That’s what journalists do.

  2. There’s no way we had a beergasm over the list. A childhood accident left Don unable to beergasm, a deficit he tries too hard to overcome. 🙂

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