Hipster Beer Now Headquartered In Los Angeles

The official beer of young people acting as if they don’t come from money hipsters – Pabst Blue Ribbon – is moving it’s headquarters to Los Angeles per a LA Times story.

Hipster Bromance. Must be the beer.

The irony of it all is PBR is owned by billionaires – the antithesis of hipster ideals. Currently PBR is the fifth largest beer supplier in the country – sounds too mainstream to be hip.

Craft beer seems to be a more appropriate “non-mainstream” choice – it’s often local, obscure and independent. Now that sounds more in line with the “hipster” aesthetic.

Bonus Hipster + Pabst Blue Ribbon Pics:

Dames In Big Frames - Don't Forget The PBR
A Blunt & Pabst Blue Ribbon; Ironic!
Pabst Blue Ribbon Hide & Seek
Mustache + PBR = Hipster Romance

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J.S. Lewis

Beer advocate. Beer lover. Beer enthusiast. I also care for water.

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