V-Twelve By Victory Brewing

Whoa! I feel like with the higher gravity beers I consume I’d say this more often, but Victory Brewing Company’s “vintage-dated” V-12 is a rush for the senses, and unlike anything I’ve ever had. Overwhelmingly aromatic, subtle and smooth – yet intense. Too many contradictory adjectives to choose from. At 12% abv the alcohol hits you instantly, throwing you for a loop, but as the brewers say the dryness at the end of each sip makes you come back for more, and more.(and more)

Most of Victory’s offering’s are pretty nice, and in my humble opinion their Prima Pils is one of America’s best pilsners, if not one of the best in the world. V-12 is no exception. A Belgian-inspired beer, the first aroma that jumped out at me was that of an apple freshly picked from the tree. However, Victory states the aroma is pear-like, but pears and apples are so similar, so I’m comfortable trusting my own nose. Aside from the fruity candy-like aromas, the color was also striking; a nice ruby-amber color with a soft cream-hued head. Though retention was poor and as a result the lacing was almost nonexistent. May have to work on my pour.

Flavor overall was slightly hoppy but mainly sweet – at times too sweet, but as it warmed in my hands I found myself able to enjoy its sweetness with more ease. Besides sweet, I definitely came into contact with the alcohol flavor present here. Didn’t mind it though as I like to have a higher alcohol beer to cap off the night. Overall, I would recommend Victory’s V-Twelve to anybody looking for some astonishingness-in-a-bottle and at just $10 this is definitely a bargain. I may have to grab a few more and let them age a couple of years to see how my experience differs.


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Jeffrey Lewis

Dad x 4️⃣, Visual Designer #UI #Brand @impulsecreative, Communication Design via @csumb

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