Beautiful Beer: Stone Brewing Arrogant Bastard By Thanh Nguyen

As a recent graduate of California State University Northridge with a BA in Graphic Design, Thanh Nguyen already has an impressive portfolio. Of his recent works, his redesign of Stone Brewing‘s Arrogant Bastard Ale has garnered the most praise and recognition from his peers and industry leaders alike.

Designed as a conceptual redesign, Thanh took one of craft beer’s most recognizable brands – Arrogant Bastard Ale – and created new labels as well as a mix pack(appropriately named “Variety O’ Bastards”) featuring different varieties of the Arrogant ale.

Using Stone’s existing logo and tagline: “You’re Not Worthy”, Thanh incorporates a more modern typeface to give the brand a facelift. To complete the package Thanh also created a mixed 6-pack with 3 different types of Arrogant Bastard Ale: Strong, Pale, and Oaked.

Modern design and craft beer. What else could you want?


Published by

Jeffrey Lewis

Dad x 4️⃣, Visual Designer #UI #Brand @impulsecreative, Communication Design via @csumb

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