Beer Art

As I’m sure you’re aware I have an affinity for craft beer. By the same token, I have an even stronger passion for art and design. On this blog I occasionally like to step away from focusing on the taste of beer, to highlight the world about beer – hence my Beautiful Beer series where I feature a particular beer’s packaging design and/or artwork. Today’s post falls along those same lines… somewhere.

Dogfish Head Commission

I recently discovered “Beerpaintings” – A blog(which is more of a portfolio) featuring full size oil paintings of, well, beer. Many of the pieces showcased have been commissioned – like the Dogfish Head above – and others are done by the artists simply because of their love for the particular beer. The work is wonderfully lifelike, and the paintings featuring images of hops are among my favorites.

Firestone Walker bottle caps

Supposedly it’s two people up in Bend, Oregon working on these paintings – two people who really love beer. Have a look at what they have in their personal cellar.

The late, great Michael Jackson



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