Indiana Krunkles Is The Adventure It Aims To Be

Terrapin makes great beer. Their regular stable of beers is chock full of hoppy goodness, and their “Side Projects” are even more of an adventure for the senses. Terrapin’s latest side project is their fifteenth in the series and features a familiar face on the bottle; Captain Krunkles himself. Last year he posed on Terrapin’s 10th side project: Capt’n Krunkles Black IPA. This time around he’s dressed as some sort of explorer dude on “Indiana Krunkles;” a German Style wheat IPA.

If that last bit about the German thingy with the India pale ale piece doesn’t get your attention, the flavor of this beer will. It comes on smooth and crispy, and slightly sweet such as a wheat, but bitterness lingers well after a long quaff. I could go into nerd dialogue about these hops and those malts, but really everything about the beer will bubble to the service and greet your senses somewhere along the tasting adventure.

With Indiana Krunkles, Terrapin has created 22 ounces of greatness; again. Be sure to check out the ‘official’ Krunkles mockumentary below. And remember, like the side projects that came before Indiana Krunkles, this is a one-off batch. Drink one before it’s too late.


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Jeffrey Lewis

Dad x 4️⃣, Visual Designer #UI #Brand @impulsecreative, Communication Design via @csumb

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