Beautiful Beer: Samson Craft Beers by Sean Flanagan

Holy muscular lion-tamer, this beer looks fierce!

Sean Flanagan for Bricks Through Windows came up with this gem for New Jersey based Samson Craft Beers

Clean lines for the wordmark and a detailed illustration make this a stand-out product.

Lets hope the taste lives up to its image.


Beer Ballad

Sack makes men from words
Fall to drawing of swords,
And quarreling endeth their quaffing:
Whilst Dagger ale barrels
Bear off many quarrels,
And often turn chiding to laughing.

  • author unknown, ca. 1888

#9 by Magic Hat

Mysterious. Complex. Undefined. Describing #9 by Magic Hat is as much fun as drinking it. This might be the beer that brings the self proclaimed ‘non-beer drinkers’ to the bar. Touted by the brewers themselves as “not quite a pale ale”, this brew’s defining characteristic is it’s apricot undertones. Sweet, yet subtle the flavor keeps you engaged until the last drop. Hops finish smooth and crispy. Besides Pyramid’s Apricot Ale, there is quite possibly nothing else like this beer in the market today. Cheers!

Near Beer

I always opt to be on beer rather than near it, still others prefer only getting close. Doesn’t surprise me AB makes it to the top spot in this category either.

Via Wikipedia

Originally, “near beer” was a term for malt beverages containing little or no alcohol (less than 0.5% ABV), which were mass-marketed during Prohibition in the United States. Near beer could not legally be labeled as “beer” and was officially classified as a “cereal beverage”.[13] The public, however, almost universally called it “near beer”.

Today, the term “near beer” has been revived to refer to modern non-alcoholic beer.[citation needed]

The most popular “near beer” was Bevo, brewed by the Anheuser-Busch company. The Pabst company brewed “Pablo”, Miller brewed “Vivo”, and Schlitz brewed “Famo”. Many local and regional breweries stayed in business by marketing their own near-beers. By 1921 production of near beer had reached over 300 million US gallons (1 billion L) a year (36 L/s).

The Abstaining is Almost Over

Its been a rough month; beer’s been banned. Created this poster in an attempt to support my stupidity. 5 days left – Fortunately this wasn’t a leap year.Wallowing Without Wheat

Beautiful Beer: Tui by Designworks

Beer deserves to be beautiful; inside and out.

I can’t attest to its taste but the recent redesign of  Tui by designworks out of New Zealand, makes me salivate.

Check the site for more images from the makeover

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