Crafty Charlatans Would Have You Believe Their Beer is Better and the Brewers Association offer this neat list of those American brewers, who would have you believe their beer is independently owned, well crafted and/or small in size. Well the word’s out, again. You should probably avoid these brands at all costs, despite the sale on the 36 pack. Click the image for a larger view.

Brewers asks:
Who brewed that beer you’re drinking? Is it craft…or crafty?
In other words, is it a product of a small and independent brewer, or is it from a crafty large, multinational brewer, seeking to capitalize on the mounting success of today’s small and independent craft brewers?


The Raging Bitch Way

You may be offended by this, but fear not for Flying Dog‘s ales will make it all better.

Love the 70’s sitcom/corny gum commercial feel of this video.

Get your hands on any one of their offerings ASAP. You will not be disappointed.

Vintage Beer Propaganda

An advertisement that possibly still rings true today. The best part? The phrase “beverages of moderation.” Some of us have neglected to remember that little part.

From the text:

“The winter wind pokes icy fingers at the window panes. Mittens, sock and ski-boots sit drying on the hearth. The ruddy fire-light flickers over glowing healthy faces.

The day’s runs and jumps, and spills too, are re-lived once again… over glass of richly mellow beer and ale.

Nothing adds more to the simple pleasure of such an evening than a glass of beer or ale.

Made from Nature’s wholesome grains and hops, beer and ale are so deeply satisfying, so delightful to your taste.

Called by men, since the dawn of time, the “beverages of moderation” these two brews can do so much to make your hours of leisure more restful, more relaxing.

More and more, in these difficult days, Americans are realizing that beer and ale… with their nutritious ingredients, their gentle nature, their matchless flavor… belong to a wholesome and balanced way of life.”


Australia’s Hahn Super Dry Made In A ‘Super-Amazing’ Factory

I have no idea what Hahn Super Dry beer tastes like (their website says it’s a European Style Lager) but from this commercial I’d say it’s a pretty ‘amazing’.

Probably not. Hahn is owned by Lion National – an alcoholic beverages conglomerate with a distribution portfolio that includes Corona and Budweiser alike.

If Hahn is anything like the mega brands of America then it’s most likely pretty bland. Still, cool ad. I can appreciate that at the very least.

Motorhead + Kronenbourg 1664 = Magic

Tasty and entertaining!

Via Kronenbourg:

On October 4th 2010, we took Lemmy and his band Motörhead to a French bar. Here, inspired by the laid back atmosphere and a slow, cold Kronenbourg 1664, they played their legendary manic song, The Ace of Spades, at half the normal speed.