Beautiful Beer: Brewery Ommegang Finds Continuity

Brewery Ommegang’s old look left much to be desired. On the shelf they didn’t really stand out and at first glance the consumer could be hard pressed to tell if their offerings were in fact from the same brewer. Fortunately, it is 2012 and beer brands seem to be getting new looks a lot more often.

Poor Old Ommegang. At lest they had taste covered!

Continuity and cohesion. I’ll drink to that!

Designed by Duffy & Partners Ommegang’s new look has a lot going for it. First off, while the old labels were very Belgian, they lacked a certain cohesion. There was nothing signifying them as products from the same company. The new look certainly captures Belgian elements and can probably be described as modern Belgian. The look of the Ommegang name has been updated as well, and features a more robust and commanding appeal. Moving from a sans-serif, to a sans-serif blackletter hybrid the design just feels more appropriate.

RAWR! In a sophisticated way.

The Ommegang lion has been given a facelift as well. Previously, the lion had a more illustrative feel, while the new feels more contemporary and symbolic. With the addition of the plaid coloring within the lion, the packaging is complete.

A philosphy in branding.
My favorite part of the Ommegang re-branding has to be the silhouettes that adorn each of the individual beer labels. They lend movement and character, and again provide cohesion and continuity. Both important marketing weapons in an ever-growing craft beer market where brands must stand out both in taste and in style.


Beautiful Beer: American Brewing Co.

The designs here speak for themselves. Crafted by Taphandles out of Seattle, Washington – all they do is beer branding – the design for American Brewing Co. is both streamlined and fun.

Bold streaks of color represent each style of beer brewed by the company and the tie in between bottle art and taphandle design makes for an overall pleasing look and feel; one which will probably beckon you to try American Brewing’s beer next time you’re at your favorite beer bar or bottle shop.

Opened in January 2011, American Brewing Company brews four beers: American Blonde, Breakaway IPA, Ed’s Red, and Caboose Oatmeal Stout. Three of which can be seen in this post. I am excited to see what the label for Ed’s Red will look like. Regardless, I am sure it will fall in line with the other labels and continue to facilitate an image of classic Americana meets slick vector pop art.

Beautiful Beer: 10 Barrel Brewing By The Beautiful Design

10 Barrel Brewing Company is situated in one of the beer meccas of the American craft beer scene: the Pacific Northwest – truly a pristine place. Everything seems to be green, and wet.

The PNW is also a huge hop growing region. So much so that Washington state’s Yakima Valley accounts for close to 75% of all hop acreage in the United States. Dank!

Anyway, 10 Barrel is in Bend, Oregon a quaint little town also home to Deschutes and a handful of other microbreweries. They recently needed to update their brand and present a concise look for all of their brews to the consumer. Enter Portland based design firm The Beautiful Design a.k.a. Chad DeWilde. With a bold typeface and a nearly monochromatic color palette, 10 barrel now has great labels to pair with what seems to be great beer. Check out the groovy tap handles below.

Beautiful Beer: Stone Brewing Arrogant Bastard By Thanh Nguyen

As a recent graduate of California State University Northridge with a BA in Graphic Design, Thanh Nguyen already has an impressive portfolio. Of his recent works, his redesign of Stone Brewing‘s Arrogant Bastard Ale has garnered the most praise and recognition from his peers and industry leaders alike.

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Beautiful Beer: William B. Allen by Trace Thoma

Though William B. Allen is merely a “fictitious” brewery based in Broomfield, Colorado, with “other locations” in Oklahoma and Nebraska – the packaging designed to showcase their 6 signature beers is so believable you can almost taste the hops roaming across your palette.

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Beautiful Beer: Rat City Beer by Richard Stewart

Edgy, rough and working-class – just a few of the words which come to mind when I look at the work of Richard Arthur Stewart. Undoubtedly, his work for Rat City Beer out of Allston, Massachusetts falls along the same lines and displays contemporary characteristics with that “blue-collar” aesthetics.

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Beautiful Beer: McLaren Vale Beer by Parallax Design

Sleek minimalism, a contemporary sans-serif typeface and clear communication of what you’re actually about to consume, make this design a real beauty.

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