3 Rolling Rocks and The 10 Commandments

Budgets crunch as easily as aluminum. (photo credit dedleg.com)
Budgets crunch as easily as aluminum. (photo credit dedleg.com)

You know, not every beer night can be the same. Not every one can be a blast. And sometimes not every one can be spent sipping away on craft beer. It’s expensive; relatively speaking when you’ve got Rolling Rock at 8 bucks for a dozen. At this rate cheap beer nights are destined to happen much more often than craft beer nights.

Last nights savior... The 10 Commandments (photo credit: The Lost Abbey)
Last nights savior… The 10 Commandments (photo credit: The Lost Abbey)

Last night was a hybrid of the two situations however. On Friday’s, like most of America, I like to unwind. I decided what better way than with beer. It’s just delicious. We all know that. I ended up purchasing that 12 pack I mentioned earlier, but I counterbalanced it by grabbing one of Port Brewing’s Lost Abbey label beers; The Ten Commandments. It’s an ale brewed with spices, raisins, rosemary and it stands for all that is holy in the craft beer world, right? At 10% it makes up for choosing the Rolling Rock(which is not bad, truly!), but still came out to around $12 for just one bottle. Damn!

Having good taste can be expensive. But by the same token having such an experienced palette also means I am shopping and purchasing from independent breweries everywhere. This is a good thing, in spite of the price tag. As a person living in poverty craft beer probably shouldn’t be in my budget, however craft beer stands for so much more than just a good time. You figure it out. Cheers!


Magic Can? Magic Hat’s #9 Going Aluminum

Just saw this on the Magic Hat Facebook page. Kind of exciting. #9 in a can?! I hope this isn’t an early April Fools prank.

As you know I’ve posted about Magic Hat’s #9 before, and I’ve been a loyal fan of the tonic ever since my first quaff. In fact, I find all of Magic Hat’s brews to be pretty tasty. (I recently enjoyed their spring mix 12-pack)

First, Sierra Nevada made the announcement it would be putting its flagship Pale Ale into a can, and now Magic Hat maybe following suit? Via aluminum, #9 will be able to go so many more places its bottled version couldn’t – beaches, hikes, tailgate parties, funerals, PTA meetings.

For now all we have to go on is this photographic evidence – wait, isn’t that what they call an “open & shut” case?

image property of Magic Hat Brewing Company

Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale To Be Canned?


No, Sierra Nevada is not doing away with their most popular Pale Ale, rather they’ll be putting it into cans.

In recent years putting beers in cans was a growing trend in the craft beer world – at least in the American market – but now it seems everybody is jumping aboard the aluminum train.

Craft breweries like Oskar Blues out of Colorado have been using cans from the start. However, whatever your preference – can or bottle – the fact remains aluminum is less expensive to produce and ship thus making it a viable option for launching and marketing your brand of beer. Besides beating glass in price comparison, aluminum cans have always provided more accessibility in a wide range of situations where glass just would be too bulky.

Whether Sierra Nevada decides to put other beers into cans remains to be seen. Regardless of the change, however, there’s no doubt Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale will remain atop the list of  most beloved American craft brews.