Beer Tax Rates and Morality

The Atlantic reported today that Chuck Weed (great name), a Democratic New Hampshire state representative, is proposing raising the tax on beer in his state. Supposedly the tax hike would garner $4 million in revenue a year if it were to go into effect. The map below, provided by The Tax Foundation, shows current tax rates on a gallon of beer per state.

How much does it cost to drink?
How much does it cost to drink?

New Hampshire’s democratic Governor Maggie Hassan said however, she’ll veto such a bill if it crosses her desk. Cheers to you Governor. Keep beer cheap for the working man! The article itself is a great study in beer consumption and tax rates and shows how the two relate to a states moral reputation. Have a look, then a drink.



Crafty Charlatans Would Have You Believe Their Beer is Better and the Brewers Association offer this neat list of those American brewers, who would have you believe their beer is independently owned, well crafted and/or small in size. Well the word’s out, again. You should probably avoid these brands at all costs, despite the sale on the 36 pack. Click the image for a larger view.

Brewers asks:
Who brewed that beer you’re drinking? Is it craft…or crafty?
In other words, is it a product of a small and independent brewer, or is it from a crafty large, multinational brewer, seeking to capitalize on the mounting success of today’s small and independent craft brewers?

“Craft Beer” officially in the dictionary!

LA Weekly reports today that craft beer has officially been added to Merriam-Webster’s 2012 dictionary. Also making the cut is gastropub. The recognition is great, and is enough convincing to get this blogger back on track. Cheers! Let this be the rebirth(again) of this blog.

Mexican Beer More Than Just Maltless Madness

You know the names – Corona, Dos Equis, Modelo, Sol, Tecate – all of which are lagers produced with minimal malt by the big boys of brewing just south of the border. What you probably didn’t know is, like their brethren to the north(that’s us), Mexico has a growing craft beer revolution, too! What? Really?! It’s okay, I didn’t know it either. Continue reading Mexican Beer More Than Just Maltless Madness

It’s Official! Magic Hat #9 Cans!

Back in March we reported on the possibility that Magic Hat Brewing Company would be putting its flagship brew, #9, into cans. Today proof of our hunch came in the form of a post on the Magic Hat Blog.

He's a magic can!

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Bold City Coming To The Ballpark

Attention Jacksonville Suns fans: The fine beers of Bold City Brewery will now be available at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville during the upcoming Suns season!

Local Brew, Local Ball

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Sam Calagione Responds to Big Beer Bust via Facebook

Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head, has taken to Facebook for a statement of sorts regarding the issue of Big Beer forcing Discovery Network to cancel Brew Masters:

From Sam:
“A number of folks have been reaching out to me today about this twitter stuff. I’d rather focus on positive stuff than negative at this point. So this is what I will say: No comment. Other than I’m a big “No Reservations” fan. And now more than ever – support your small, truly-indie breweries! Last night I had Two Prima Pils, and an Aprihop. Today I had cask-conditioned Thyme Pale Ale, Baladin Nora, Birra Del Borgo ReAle, and am enjoying an Indian Brown Ale as I type this. Focused on the goodness inside the bottle instead of the weirdness outside the bottle.

His words are so tactfully put. Its nice to know that in the craft beer world you can still get a response from the face of a company.

Cheers to you Sam!